Patients & Visitors / Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

For the safety and security of its patients, Gordon Private Hospital abides by a Patient Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. This has been put in place for your peace of mind and also to assist the medical staff and other patients in the hospital. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these prior to admission.

You have the responsibility to

Provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your medical history, medications, and other matters relating to your health

Be knowledgeable about your private health fund cover and associated restrictions, provide information regarding your ability to pay for services, and ensure that the financial obligations of your care are fulfilled as promptly as possible

let caregivers know about any special requirements, particularly any cultural or religious needs

Observe relevant hospital protocols

Respect the role and dignity of hospital caregivers and their right to a safe and pleasant work environment. Caregivers reserve the right to withdraw care from people who behave aggressively, are violent or abusive

Comply with medical instructions designed to aid your recovery, or discuss with your doctor if you are unhappy or unwilling to do so

Respect the beliefs, ethnic, cultural and religious practices of all hospital caregivers and fellow patients

Advise your doctor or caregivers about any changes in your condition or of any concerns you may have with any aspect of your care or treatment

Be respectful of the property of other persons and of the health care facility

Behave in a lawful manner and contribute to a safe and comfortable environment

To actively engage in the therapy program to assist your recovery